Safecorp's non-disposable carbon dust masks offer protection from airborne environmental hazards associated with chemical, manufacturing, oil, agriculture, mining, coal and building industries.  Provides added protection from potentially harmful allergens in the air.
Recommended use for chemicals, manufacturing, mining, building, casting, aluminium work, agriculture, farming, cement textile, carving, heavy metal pollution, gardening, glass, workshops and wood dust.
This respirator has a 3 year shelf life from the date of manufacture providing original packing remains intact and properly stored.  The storage condition should be: Between 5 degrees and 38 degrees Humidity lower than 70%

  • Polypropylene outer layer provides smooth lining and ensures there are no loose fibers
  • Elastic head straps, adjustable nose clip and soft-foam nose-piece for comfortable custom fitting
  • Active carbon cover pre-filters nuisance organic vapors.
  • Includes valve to reduce hot air buildup and to help breathing under hot and humid environments


PRICE : 650 VT